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The Case for Children's Art

TCA Gallery recently launched its GoodArt Forum during the 2023 Lagos Art Week. GoodArt is a series of workshops, excursions, private tutoring lessons, and forums which aid children and adults alike to discover and understand the wide world of art.

After celebrating its one year anniversary, the Gallery has chosen to prioritize creating a time and place for candid, educational discussions to help propel and connect artists, educators, enthusiasts, and collectors galore. The world of art is wide and nuanced. With the introduction of digital art and fast-paced progression of AI and technology, contemporary art is constantly shifting; retail art trends are also continually changing.

One of the nuances in the definition of ‘art’ lies in what each individual believes makes art important or vital to society at large.

For some, art is a cultural institution that progresses civilization. Many argue that viewing art needs to be accessible and free to the public because of this.

On the other hand, for some, art represents an investment category; they often ask what piece of art is predicted to accrue the most value. For many others, their art purchases are driven by a desire to support aspiring artists whom they believe will someday become masters. The subject of acquiring art pieces leads to a plethora of fascinating discussion points, including the idea that enjoying art is seen as an interest of only the elite.

Apart from the realm of retail art, scientists are increasingly recognizing the importance of integrating art into our daily lives to support and enhance our well being. What would it look like to integrate art into overall healthcare at large?

There is clear evidence supporting the idea that art is an integral part of early childhood development, with direct links to the development of nearly half of our cognitive functions. Yet, we are witnessing a global trend of reduced funding and declining interest in enrolling in art programs in schools. Why is this happening?

TCA Gallery's first GoodArt Forum was a general deep-dive into some of these topics. Specifically, where are children placed in this world of art? Without a doubt, if one were to count the amount of art created by age on a global scale, children would have the highest number of art pieces produced by far. So what does it look like to support child artists by collecting their pieces? Is collecting children’s art a wise investment? What other ways can we ensure children are having enough exposure to art and creative opportunities?

A significant portion of growth for The Children's Art Gallery can be attributed to engaging in the right conversations with the right individuals. We believe that through these conversations, important questions are raised and discussed, and ideas and plans for impactful change are generated for children and adults alike. We are thrilled to welcome you into these conversations.

Stay tuned for our calendar for future forums where we collectively come to understand the world of art via candid discussion, led by our network of knowledgeable and experienced guests and attendees.

The world of ‘art’ is expansive, with numerous fascinating facets to explore; if you’d like to propose a topic for discussion, please leave a comment below!

If you missed out on the first GoodArt Forum, have no fear! Here is a list of articles we read through and discussed:

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