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Zizah O


TCAG star member artist Zizah is a 14 year old boy diagnosed with autism. He expressed interest in art when he began sketching and colouring with crayons at a young age. His first drawing was a picture from a t-shirt he wore to school at 3 years old. Limited in speech, Zizah has found expression through art and music. His ability to recall images from memory with high precision replicating them on paper and also playing music by ear has earned him the moniker "eidetic boy." He has participated in multiple group exhibitions, and his first solo exhibition "Eidetic Impressions” opened on April 2nd 2021 at Terra Kulture Gallery, Lagos to mark the world autism Awareness month. Since then he has participated in a few exhibitions; one of which was the 2021 PARAART TOKYO International Exhibition, where he emerged winner in the youth category. Zizah’s family believes sharing his art helps to create awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism. Society also gets to see what the differently abled can achieve given the opportunity. Much of Zizah’s inspiration comes from the visual world around him.


Zizah is a master of eclecticism- he combines multiple styles of fine visual art in his pieces. Using inspiration from cubism, impressionism, and abstraction, he somehow contains strong common threads and themes throughout his work. When painting portraits, Zizah experiments with the human form, particularly the face. Whether experimenting with shapes to complete the face, obscuring the face with objects, or completely obscuring the facial expression with brushstrokes, you'll see this experimental element in most of his works. One wonders if this common element is Zizah's visual grapplings of human form and emotive expressions as a child interpreting the world through the lens of autism. The other aid he uses is the perfect touch of brushstroke. Not in one piece will you see overworked colours. He simply puts the exact desired combination of pigments on his brush, and places them exactly where they need to be on the surface. When one steps back to look at Zizah’s masterpieces as a whole, there is no confusion in this diversity; each work is perfectly complete and strongly speaks for itself. Welcome to Zizah’s world.

About The Children's Art Gallery

TCAG is a social enterprise empowering children & investing in their wellbeing through the exhibition & sale of their artwork. We innovatively give the world's youngest artists the spotlight using storytelling, technology, and business experience in the fine art sector. We are the first gallery of its kind in the world to solely exhibit and sell art made by children; kids of all backgrounds, abilities, and life experiences have a seat at the TCAG table. Our represented artists range from 6-17 years old, and 75% of the group come from underprivileged backgrounds. We are passionate about delivering the story of these bright young artists and their pieces to art enthusiasts internationally. Every adult has a child within themselves who can celebrate the work of TCAG member artists. When you buy TCAG artwork, not only are you investing in a piece of fine art for future financial gains, you are directly supporting one of our member artists' access to better education, healthcare, and creative development, therefore also investing in the artist's future financial stability & wellbeing.


In addition to selling these incredible pieces of art made by children, TCAG also works to provide better access to art for children across education systems, in hospitals and healthcare centers, in underdeveloped communities, and so much more. We believe art has the power to change a child's life! If you do too, you can partner with the Gallery by donating to The Children's Art Fund,  our platform which ensures sustainability across all its projects creating social impact.

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