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Attempting to Make Sense of the World

TCAG’s star member Success Adeoye is an up-&-coming artist based in Ibadan of Oyo State, Nigeria. He is 17 years old, and has been learning the medium of oil paint under Mr. Emmanuel Yeku, also a Teacher Member of TCAG. Five of Success’ pieces are featured in The Children’s Art Gallery’s Exhibition No. 1. Here is what Success had to share about his body of work, his journey in the art world, and how he finds inspiration.

Q: Who is your mentor/how did you get into art?

A: Thank you for this great opportunity as an exhibiting artist. To start with, I’ve got my inspiration for art from Mr Ebenezer Akinola, who has been my mentor since my tender age (5 years ago), he motivated and scolded me to sit and paint. I’m glad I heeded his advice. I started painting with oil color on canvas following the guidelines of some senior artists who serve as a teacher in the likes of Yeku Emmanuel, Aregbede Afeez, Oyetunde Oyejumoke and Theophilus Danjuma. It’s always a happy moment having this set of artists around.

Q: What are you expressing through your artwork?

A: I paint using oil color on canvas, expressing the uniqueness of the indigenous people around me. Getting to understand how to mix color together is not an easy path, but I must tell you: it’s a great feeling to talk about developing one’s creativity through consistency.

Q: What defines your paintings?

A: My paintings come from my daily life, and are attempts to make sense of the world. Naturally I am deeply interested in human figures and portraiture. I record observations, both from memory and invention.

Q: What inspires you?

A: The paintings from Mr Akinola Ebenezer and nature. Most artists are inspired by their surroundings, such as magazines or emotions. What also inspires me are my inner feelings and imagination.

Q: Is art important?

A: It is important to me because art is one of the few universal forms of communication. Whether it’s looking at a painting or hearing a piece of music, people don’t need to speak the same language to feel connected emotionally.

Q:What’s next for you as an artist?

A: Development of artistic skills and studying in an art institute. Understanding the core values of art, creativity, critical thinking and communication skills.

Success’s body of work does just what he aims to do: make sense of the world. The figures in his portraits all share varying degrees of a calm expression, their eyes having a similar quality to the one-and-only Mona Lisa. Wherever you are in the room, the eyes calmly greet you and seem to follow you about. The softness of facial expression and brushstrokes on the canvas contrast the vivid colors he uses, making an enrapturing image to behold. TCAG is honored to feature his work.

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